Who am I? So many things, crazy and sane, but I am a seeker of knowledge (on all sides of the aisle – unless it’s fake news – f that. Alternative facts? Come ON!), a teacher as well as a mid-westerner (living that PNW lifestyle) at heart. I am a loyal friend, a lover of cats, and someone who says what’s on her mind – for the most part. More related to this blog, I am a woman who got Cancer at the age of 23. Thought I sent that one walking for good. But it came back to say “hallo!” and to give me a run for my money, just in time for my 29th birthday. I don’t know if it was seeking symmetry, trying to teach me more lessons, or if it’s just because Cancer is a g-d son of a bitch. Probably more that last one, but I like to focus on the other options the most. I mostly live a blessed life – a safe place to live, a husband who loves and appreciates me through all of our mutual pain and struggle, a cute dog who gives me snuggles and makes me laugh, and friends/family who lift me up when I’m feeling down. I can’t rightly complain, but I also think anyone fighting this battle deserves some moments to feel angry, sad, frustrated, annoyed and tired of this beautiful and STUPID world. I think anyone deserves those moments, regardless of who they are.

Oh, and you can tell from this picture (on my graduation day from my master’s program) that I don’t take a lot of things too seriously (unless they are, indeed, serious) and I also have a weird tongue.


What’s up with that?